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Toets *#06# in op je telefoon en je krijgt direct het IMEI-nummer te zien. Of verwijder de batterij en je vindt het nummer op je telefoon. We will initiate “Faster payments” to your bank on the day we receive your phone(s) as long as the phone(s) match the quotation we issued to you, and the phone(s) meets the minimum condition requirements.

If any of the phones do not match the quotation, or the minimum condition requirements we will inform you.

Voer je merk, model of IMEI-nummer in

Brightstar 20:20 UK Limited (Ref office: Weston Road, Crewe, CW1 6BU).

Vodafone Inruildeals wordt uitgevoerd door Brightstar 20:20 UK Limited en Vodafone.